Starting Your Draw


Put the tip of your arrow right on the point of aim before you start your draw. In other words start where you'll finish. It saves time. If your point is where it will be upon release all you have to do is get the shaft behind the tip. If your tip is on as the rotational draw
brings your elbow around behind you and your finger touches your face anchor, theoretically you should be aimed and ready to release.

Hold your bow arm still so you can visually see the tip of the arrow stay still on the point of aim. Archery is a very precise sport. The tip of the arrow can't be here or there. It must be exactly on the point of aim. Because the bow arm is under compression it tends to shake a bit. For instance sometimes when I begin to draw my left arm jerks to the left. As with so many aspects of archery relaxing helps. I find if I pause, stop pulling, and relax for a split second the tremor stops and I can continue to draw smoothly.

After you have anchored and are aiming you may see the tip swaying back and forth slightly to left and right of the point of aim. This is not good enough, but difficult to prevent. To minimize this sway first of all relax, and your arm will shake less being relaxed rather than being tense. Second press forward gently with the bow hand. This firm pressure will steady your arm. Thirdly keep visually concentrating on the target and tip. Now hand and eye co-ordination comes into play. As the tip sways onto the target let go.