Gloves and Tabs


I recommend a tab rather than a glove. I used a glove for years, tried a tab one day and never used a glove again. Immediately I realized I got a cleaner release with the tab. All my fingers moved together with a tab rather than independently like with a glove. The main cause of plucking the string is one slow finger with a glove.

I can get a deeper hook with my tab. A tab allows me to hook with the second joint of my middle finger. This is the biggest joint of the strongest finger and gives me the deepest hook possible. With a glove, the deepest hook is just behind the first joint, which is a weaker joint and harder to put on the line of force because when the fingers are bent the first joint is on a right angle to the axis of the arm which is where the line of force is.

A glove covers the finger tips making a light touch hard to feel. A tab has no finger stalls so a light hovering touch on the face anchor is easy to feel with the finger tips. Because a tab has no fingers it is a versatile fit, whereas a glove must be exact to be comfortable.